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Bold And Beautiful: Predicting The Future Of Higher Education

Higher education, a constantly shifting phenomenon: When it comes to the future of higher education, there is constant scope for speculation. Be it the mounting pressure of financial sustainability or the regular emergence of modern learning techniques, the education landscape is undergoing constant change. Higher education leaders are regularly developing new strategies in order to […]

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Do Not Restrict Your Learning to Classrooms Only

There is no need to keep the children in close proximity to the notebooks, whiteboards and pop quizzes to learn. Nowadays learning is not restricted to memorizing facts in history and solving difficult math problems. Learning is actually a lifelong process that involves analyzing, questioning, discussing and application of knowledge in every conceivable situation. The […]

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Top Ten Most Amazing Cities to Earn your Undergraduate Degree

When it comes to choosing a college, the world really is your oyster! Our top ten best cities for Higher Education list showcases some of the most exciting cities to live and to learn in. These cities were chosen because they all offer world class institutions , amazing cultural opportunities and an international “vibe”. All […]

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