How UK farmers could do without EU workers


    The fall in migration from the EU since the choice vote recommends that Theresa May’s “force variable” is adjusting itself, a result that was effectively unsurprising (Jobs going unfilled as EU specialists forsake UK, 13 February). There is no motivation to anticipate that this pattern will invert, thus it appears that the market constrains so cherished by the Conservatives are doing the employment for them. All things considered there is no requirement for physical controls on migration, which will undoubtedly be quarrelsome whatever their shape. Not without precedent for her short prevalence, in connection to movement Mrs May would be very much encouraged to sit back and watch. So too would the Labor party.

    Robin Wendt


    UK work deficiencies announced as EU specialist numbers fall

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    • Sorry to peruse that EU laborers are betraying us accordingly of Brexit. Be that as it may, there might be another wellspring of supply. Amid the 1940s a lorry would land at school in the morning to take a class of kids into most profound country Hertfordshire for full time work in the fields. Letters to the neighborhood paper would gripe that their instruction was being intruded. Be that as it may, the best French article I ever composed was on “Le ramassage des pommes de terres”. Our French educator halted me in the hallway to state: “Your exposition was veeery great. Have you had ‘elp?” (His haitches were never great.)23

    Margaret Baker

    Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

    • British agriculturists are enduring in light of the fact that they can’t get enough transient laborers to pick their yields post Brexit. Why don’t individuals in the UK need to take business collecting crops in this nation? Since agriculturists are not offering a living compensation (Letters, 13 January). That is the reason they utilize vagrant laborers.

    The case for cultivating endowments after Brexit

    Letters: Does George Monbiot truly need all his sustenance to originate from City-based non-attendant landowners or abroad corporate agribusiness?

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    On the off chance that a nation can’t work out how to pay its own kin a living compensation to develop nourishment for their own country, then sustenance costs must ascent. We have had decade following quite a while of false nourishment costs, because of (1) appropriations to agriculturists to keep sustenance costs low and (2) absence of enthusiasm for making the country independent, since benefit is more vital.

    The idea that cultivating resembles some other business isn’t right. Cultivating is about keeping up the land so as to bolster the creatures and individuals who live upon it. Any abundance can then be sold.

    Richard Higgins